Aghiatrias is so called “integrated music” project of composer, instrumentalist & sound alchemist Vladimír Hirsch and sound-specialist Tom Saivon as more abstract sprout of martial-industrial Skrol, stressing the work with rich arsenal of sound structures. It is based on grasping both ways in a manner (contemporary classical v. industrial and dark ambient). Active from 1999 until 2007 and reunited in 2015-2017 fro concert production.

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Compilative album of unreleased or unfinished compositions from the past. 2007. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, digital technique, mix; Tom Saivon-noise generators, samples. Thanks to other indiviual activities, the band interrupted by this album its creative efort until reunion in 2015.

Recording :
CDR (© 2007 Integrated Music Records - Catch 055)

1 Ratiomorph
2 Electroaxon
3 Syncrasia II
4 Eschatology



Conceptual album. 2005. Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, drums and percussions, samples, mix; Tom Saivon-noise generators, samples. The fourth and as before thematic album of the Czech formation Aghiatrias, accomplishing its own concept of so- called integrated music that represents a confrontation in broad dimensions of contemporary classics, dark-ambient, noise and industrial. The central motif of this album is the refusal of broadly accepted materialistic view of the world and its future, demonstration of awareness of historical lapse of the human in relation to that what transcends him, well thought out attack against the "soul swallowers" supporting pathological mechanisms of hidden, nevertheless sophisticatedly planned process leading to the suppression of spirituality. The album is revocation and update of time-honored, in prism of today mistakenly as if mythical and therefore for many not existing combat of the good and the evil in the individual.

Recording :
CD (© 2006 Epidemie Records)

1 Cognitive Trap
2 Situs Inversus
3 Autodivine
4 Les Coeurs Du Mal
5 Hedonist Hymn
6 Strict Observance
7 Poison Of God
8 Le Sang des Autres
9 Translucidum



Conceptual album. 2003. Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, samplers, drums and percussions, mix; Tom Saivon-noise generators. So far the last project of the formation, finished in August 2003, representing a kind of „aghiatrisation“ of Hirsch’s solo project DE REGIONIBVS LIMINIS (later revisited and released as UNDERLYING SCAPES). An extensive dark-ambient album devoted to the theme of subliminal sensual perception and its fictive musical applicaiton. An abstract conception of the confrontation between the surreal and real world (artificial ambient versus realistic industrial sound). The meditative character of the compositions is brightened by discharges of a kind of radioactive irradiation, representing the fleeing moments of understanding. The formation aims for purity of expressive means in an effort to accentuate the role of the primarily suppressed and ignored spiritual dimension of our world, while pointing to the importance of the liminal “structures” of our perception.

Recording :
CD (© 2004 Epidemie Records)

1 Axis illuminationis
2 Dura mater
3 Submerged Esplana
4 Ad pontem lamentorum
5 Taciturn Stratum
6 Erratic Zone: Quadrantus migrans
7 Decapitatio
8 Regio inferni
9 Chiasmata



Conceptual album for integrated ensemble. 2001. Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, drums and percussions, samples, mix.Tom Saivon-noise generators, samples. Recording participation: Martina Sanollová-mezzosoprano. Album (1st release on our own label Integrated Music Records in 2002), is, from the viewpoint of musical form, another step of this formation on its way of integrating tonality into atonality, classical into postindustrial, etc. But this is only a music-theory description; it is a more matured transsubstantiation of form into a morphologically purer structure. Once again the effort is more obviously aimed not at getting a chemical compound, but an indecomposable element. The basic motif of the project is the intergrowth of anthropocentric materialism in the society’s thinking, the ways and consequences of its manipulation. From the viewpoint of the protagonist’s history of efforts it is an authentic reflexion, as the epic and expression of the project prove. In 2012, revisited compositions were officially released as INVOCATIONES on Vladimír Hirsch’s album together with rearranged tracks of "Field Mass" (Missa Armata . Invocationes).

Recording :
CD (© 2002 Integrated Music Records, Catch 043)

1 Semen
2 Invocatio
3 Epidaemia
4 Terror



Composition for integrated ensemble. 1999-2000. Vladimír Hirsch: composition, synthesizers, drums and percussions, samples, mix, Tom Saivon-noise generators, samples. The first AGHIATRIAS album is based on grasping both ways in a manner, which would allow them to partake of each other’s principal formal attributes, both on the basis of violent confrontation and of mutual empathy, which should lead to a unification of seemingly irreconcilable worlds. “Field Mass” is formally a classical opus, a mass with all standard liturgical elements, but settled within a simple, central plot framework. It illustrates a battle, interrupted by a scream so painful, that it makes both sides stop fighting and participate on a mass together. The mass eventually, at certain points, becomes the collision and analysis of the fight’s true motives, gradually eventuating into humility and a sign of peace, thereby uncovering the real motives of the battle, present on both sides. It is a drama, which does not end in an unequivocal solution, but a kind of common prayer in the sense of a final „ miserere nobis“. The album was remastered by sound-engineer Jan Seibt in 2005, but in 2010, after complete revision and remastering (V.Haňka) was released as DVD audiovisual project of Vladimír Hirsch and video-artist Marianna Ostrovskaya with the name CRYPTOSYNAXIS. In 2012, original composition of Vladimír Hirsch "Missa Armata" was officially released on his solo album together with rearranged tracks of "Epidaemia Vanitatis" (Missa Armata . Invocationes).

Recordins :
CDR (© 2000 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 042)

1 Introitus
2 Preface
3 Kyrie
4 Gloria
5 Credo
6 Sanctus
7 Agnus Dei