SUBPOP SQUEEZE is an alter ego of Vladimír Hirsch. The project is designed to the music, outlier from his main conceptual direction, called "entertainments" by author. This kind of creation move across wider scope of electronic and industrial rock, newly as "dark electro-trash synthesis", predominantly of ironic or sarcastic character. The project started in 1996.

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Thematic album, created 2014-2016. Musicians & participants: Vladimír Hirsch - electronic keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, digital technology, cover design, Nadya Feir - vocals, lyrics, El - vocals, Timothy Simmons – recitation, David Icke - spoken word. Production & lyrics by Tom Saivon. Photography & artwork by Gelso Nero & Jan Vávra. Product manager: Martina Sanollová Conceptual work, named intentionally gracefully after ancient Greek genre of "songs about love and wine", but created with obvious sarcastic and mocking undertone both in musical processing in style, called dark-electro-industrial-thrash synthesis (T.Saivon), with critical, sometimes almost cynical texts, however verbal component plays mainly the role of background. Rock principle of thrash metal characteristics and electronics are surrounded by industrial and dark ambient soundscapes.

Recording :
Anacreontics (CD © 2017 E-Klageto - Exklageto 16)

1 Derm
2 Obsessive Tap
3 Discharge
4 And All Love Dead
5 Thanatic
6 Neikothropy
7 Burning Tongues
8 Transient Spell
9 Scratch
10 Roaring Secrets
11 Shy Of The Light



Album, 2016. Musicians : Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, drum programming, vocals, arrangements, mixing, samplers, sound manipulations, vocals (5), mastering Nadya Feir - vocal, lyrics (1-4, 6, 8-9), participation: Dawn Carlyle- vocals, lyrics (7). Dark-electronic / industrial metal album, where thrash-metallic riffs and guitar structures are linked to electronic elements embedded in dark-ambient structures, with expressive lyrics and more prominent role of solo singing and spoken word, which largely represents Hirsch's cooperation with the Dutch singer and songwriter Nadya Feir. Originally created as a concert program.

Recording :
Introscan (DIG © 2016 CatchArrow Recording - Catch 069)

1 Introscan
2 Re-Creator
3 Archetype
4 Blind Hero
5 Charge
6 Pythian Pleasure
7 Signet
8 Inhibition
9 End Of Circle



Thematic album, 2013. Musicians : Vladimír Hirsch - keyboard, synthesiser, drum programming, vocals, arrangements, mixing, sound manipulations, Nadya Feir - vocal, lyrics (11). Originally created as a concert program. Despite the lightweight nature, it does not deviate significantly from Hirsch's works basic concept. It contains previously unreleased songs, along with several versions of tracks from the albums "There's No Human Triumph" and "Dreams Of Awakening" from the ninetees. The collection is supplemented by a bonus example of collaboration with the Dutch experimental vocalist Nadya Feir.

Recording :
The Sheep Barn Entertainment (DIG © 2014 Alkemy Brothers - Black Work 10082746)

1 Ergonaut
2 Nerve Dance
3 Cave Canem
4 No One To Save
5 Snake Time
6 Tint
7 Dubious Effort
8 Pale Angel
9 Chimeras
10 TV Transformation
11 Bonus track: Dubious Effort (Vocal Version)



Thematic album, 1999. Musicians : Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, drums, samples, programming. First version of the album, later completely remade and released under civil name with the title "Dreams Of Awakening". This work does not sound fully like methodical entertainment, mainly because of its unifying, more serious thought conception. It is grounded in a certain specific boundary situation in the author’s life, at first adapted in writing, later adapted musically. The music schame is basically rock, combined with sampled loops and recitation in melodramatic form with the athmospere of anxiety thanks also to expressive poetry.

Recording :
Dream Monsters Exorcism (CDR © 1999 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 034a)

1 Here Come Dream Monsters
2 King's Introducing
3 She Was An Angel
4 Aorted
5 Dream Of Derision
6 Anathema
7 Lobotomy Gloria
8 Under The Ground
9 In Rat Stomachs
10 Intriguers
11 Dream Of Dawning



Two similar works, conjoint in one thematic album for synthesizers, samples, radio recordings; 1995-96. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - synthesizers, drums, samples, programming. Although by genre it is characterised as subpop, being rather rock formula. The work is opposed to the media politics and principles of directed intoxication of the population. It makes so using hyperbole and irony, radio broadcasts instead of vocals, often rhythmically tied with the musical base. The compositions have the form of songs and are all based on loops of simpler keyboard or guitar riffs, inserted into a specific ambience.

Recording :
Arsenica / Less Than Nothing (CDR © 1996 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 030a)

1 Republica
2 Disaster Experts
3 Entusiastic
4 Holy, Holy, Holy
5 Affection
6 Poisoner
7 Venetian Settlement
8 Imageon
9 All In Hot Pursuit Of All
10 Limits Of God
11 Unsavoury Friend
12 Inerve
13 Less Than Nothing
14 The Scrap
15 Appeasement
16 No One Will Save Me
17 Trumph