TIRIA is a dark electronic project, founded in the beginning of 2009 by Czech artists Vladimír Hirsch (music, all instruments) and Tom Saivon (lyrics) with Swiss vocalist El. In particular tracks, the trio cooperates with American reciter Timothy Simmons.


Conceptual album. 2009-2012. Vladimír Hirsch - composition, all instruments, programming, El - vocals, Tom Saivon - lyrics, Timothy Simmons - spoken word. The dark-electronic album whose musical expression is at its base comprised of a dark-ambient and post-industrial scape, blends solemnly with electronically soothing passages and distinctly existential lyrics. Both vocalists are present here in a mostly declamatory role and their expression is deliberately emotionally polarized (female romantic performance vs. strict male recitation), thus completing the contrasting concept of the album. One of the many faces of Vladimír Hirsch's experimental journeys with Tom Saivon's original poetry.

Recordings :
CD © 2013 LBA Composers Records)

1 Xenos
2 Burning Touch
3 Hurt
4 Anger
5 Heritage
6 Faith
7 Bodies
8 Surveillance
9 Black Tongue
10 Elysium
11 Apparition