Experimental post-punk, later "dark core" band MARABU (since 1990 DER MARABU), active between 1986 and 1995. Members: Vladimír Hirsch (1986-1996), Josef Škoda (1986-1995), Michael Kureš (1990-94), Tomáš Hadrava (1986-89), Samír Hauser (1987-89), Martina Sanollová (1994-96), Pavel Navratovič (1994-96) Karel Janků (1994-96), Miroslav Ondrýsek (1994-96).


Thematic album. 1995 - 1996. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, sampler, vocal, Martina Sanollová - vocal, Miroslav Ondrýsek - guitar, Karel Janků - bass guitar; participatione: Tomáš Sedláček - drums programming. Conceptual project of last configuration of the group, synthetising and extrapolating the finding of previous works, which evolves with an attempt on melody of Slavic type, agressive polyphony and maybe too much complicated construction of enhanced epic tracks. The result of studio work was - thanks to bad communication with sound-master and different attitudes of members of the band - some disapointing, above all from genteel final sound characteristics. This fact was also one of the major causes of successive break-out of the formation.

Recordings :
CDR (© 1996 CatchArrow Recordings-Catch 002)

1 Plebeian Consolation
2 All Of Us Will Fall Away
3 La maison d´un hypocrit
4 Diamond Fields



Thematic album. 1993-1994. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, sampler, bass, vocal, Josef Škoda - drums, Michal Kureš - guitar. Conceptual album, that is the peak of whole work of the band. Steel sound, enriched by sampled industrial noises and sampler´s bass, with an attempt on original compositional principles and Slavic influences in melodic processes. The group tries here to take up its own ethnic roots and classical music, draft from these traditions, that is apparent also in compositional structure and construction (e.g. “Love Song Analysis”). That orientation is supported by using of sampled classical instruments and the way of composition of the part of drums.

MC (© 1994 Der Marabu Recordings - DMR 13)
CDR (© 1995 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 00C)

1 Heading Nowhere
2 Nobel Prize
3 The Silent Joy
4 Love Song Analysis
5 Stooge´s Death
6 Ritual
7 Myself Love
8 Cruci-Fiction



Compilative album. 1991. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch - keyboards, vocal, Michal Kureš-guitar, Josef Škoda-drums, vocal. Songs from the period 1990-1991, recorded partially live, together with experimental project for keyboards and vocal "Dead Music".

Recordings :
MC (© 1992 Der Marabu Recordings - DMR 09)
CDR - remix (© 1997 CatchArrow Recordings - Catch 00B)

1 Blinded
2 Explosion Of All Kindness
3 Same Old World
4 Resistance
5 F.B.I.
6 Nobel Prize
7 Dead Music - Kain
8 Dead Music- Breath Of Death